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Restore Jaw Bone Loss with Our Bone Grafting Procedure

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Rebuild Lost Bone

If you have lost bone after gum disease or because you have missing teeth that have not been replaced for some time, you may need to undergo a bone grafting procedure. Dr. Sawan Malik uses innovative techniques to perform a bone graft and may recommend this procedure as part of your treatment plan. If you are considering dental implants, we may need to add more bone to the jaw to support the implant.

What Causes Jaw Bone Loss?

Certain areas of the jaw bone begin to deteriorate as soon as a tooth is lost. If you have lost a tooth or had teeth extracted, you will start to lose bone because there is no root stimulating the jaw bone. If the jaw bone has become damaged in an accident, you may also lose some bone tissue.

Bone Grafting Before Dental Implants

The jaw bone plays an important role in maintaining your facial structure and preserving your bite. If you have lost bone tissue, you may notice changes in your face shape or find you have more bite problems. You need a certain amount of bone to support dental implants so any signs of bone loss indicate you will need a bone graft before we can place the implants. Once the bone graft has been attached to the bone, we will need to wait several months for full assimilation before inserting dental implants into the jaw.

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