Ridge Augmentation

Restore and Rebuild Bone with Ridge Augmentation

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Reasons to Undergo a Ridge Augmentation Procedure

If you have lost bone tissue after gum disease or because a tooth has been missing without a replacement, you may need to undergo a ridge augmentation procedure to rebuild the tissue. Dr. Sawan Malik offers this procedure for both cosmetic and functional reasons. If you have uneven contours of the jawbone after a tooth extraction or have lost bone after losing a tooth, we can rebuild and restore the jaw with this procedure.

Getting Dental Implants? Ridge Augmentation May Be Needed

When a tooth is missing from the socket for any reason, the bone that supported the tooth starts to disintegrate. Over time, this can trigger a number of problems with the bite and jaw. If you decide on dental implants, quality bone density is needed to support it. This is why the ridge augmentation procedure may be a necessary addition to your treatment plan. You may need to undergo this procedure if you:

  • Have one or more missing teeth
  • Have delayed tooth replacement for several months or years
  • Have bite problems because of jaw imbalances
  • Have crooked or uneven teeth because of lost bone
  • Have teeth that are drifting or shifting because of missing teeth and bone loss

Benefits of Ridge Augmentation

The primary benefit of a ridge augmentation procedure is that it can regenerate bone tissue. If you are getting dental implants and do not have enough bone to support the implant or have lost significant bone after gum disease, this procedure can rebuild and restore your jaw. The procedure can also help protect your oral health and reshape the facial structure.

Let us show you how the ridge augmentation procedure can help to rebuild bone tissue and restore your jaw health. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Malik today.