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Dental Visits without Fear

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Sedation Dentistry Allows for Dental Care without Pain

We understand that many patients are fearful about going to the dentist because of perceived pain or discomfort. Fortunately, there is a solution: sedation dentistry. Sedation can help you feel relaxed and numb before and during treatment. In some cases, you will have amnesia about your visit so you will not remember much of anything or experience any type of pain. Whether you are undergoing a complex case or something minor, we have sedation options that can relive some of the fear and anxiety many people experience when visiting the dentist.

There is a Sedation Option for Every Patient

  • Local anesthesia– Sometimes combined with other sedation services, local anesthesia numbs the soft tissues, bone and teeth where administered. The medication wears off within a few hours and is ideal for minor procedures.
  • Oral sedation– We may prescribe you an oral sedative to take about an hour before your appointment. You may feel very relaxed or drowsy, which will last throughout your treatment. Oral sedation reduces fear and anxiety and allows a more pleasant experience for you.
  • Nitrous oxide– Also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is breathed in through a small mask and provides a euphoric effect. This is one of the oldest forms of dental sedation and leaves patients feeling calm and relaxed. After the procedure, the gas flow is stopped and patients are back to feeling normal quickly, after breathing in oxygen.
  • IV sedation- Administered intravenously and providing a deeper level of sedation, IV conscious sedation is recommended for those with extreme anxiety or for those undergoing more complex procedures. Our certified doctor will monitor patients’ vital signs and administers a customized amount of medication throughout treatment. Patients typically feel relaxed, calm and some may even fall asleep, although they can respond to instructions if needed.

The Dental Experience with Sedation Dentistry

Do not delay necessary dental treatment out of fear. Sedation dentistry has helped millions of patients receive the care they need without feeling anxious or any pain. We are here to help make dental visits less stressful and can answer any questions you have about sedation or your treatment process.

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If you think you may need sedation before a dental procedure, talk to us about your options. We can provide more information over the phone or during your consultation. Call our practice today.
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