Sinus Lift

Prepare the Jaw Bone for Dental Implants with a Sinus Lift

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Reasons to Undergo a Sinus Lift

When you do not have enough bone in the upper jaw to support dental implants, our doctors may recommend a sinus lift as part of your treatment plan. Many patients who have lost bone after periodontal disease or because of missing teeth need a supportive foundation to accommodate the base of the implant as it is fused to the jaw bone.

How a Sinus Lift is Performed

The sinus lift makes more bone available by lifting away tissue and creating space for dental implants. Dr. Sawan Malik can add bone to the upper jaw and raise the sinus floor to accommodate for one or multiple dental implants that are being placed in the upper jaw. The latest dental technologies and use of growth factors help to restore and build up this area with a high success rate. The outcome is a higher success rate with the dental implant procedure and lasting results.

Work with an Experienced Sinus Lift Doctor

Since the sinus lift is such a delicate procedure, you should work with a doctor who has extensive experience performing this procedure. Dr. Malik has been trained to perform the sinus lift using the latest protocols and has worked with many patients who need to undergo this procedure before getting dental implants.

Restore Lost Bone with the Sinus Lift

If you have suffered the effects of bone loss and need to undergo a tooth replacement procedure, talk to Dr. Malik about a sinus lift. You may need to undergo this procedure if you do not have enough bone available for dental implants at this time. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Malik today.
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