Dental Crown Lengthening

Aesthetic and Functional Crown Lengthening

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Correcting a Gummy Smile or Damaged Tooth

If you have an excessive amount of gum tissue covering the teeth and are self-conscious about your ‘gummy smile’, talk to us about treatment options. Dr. Sawan Malik may recommend a cosmetic crown lengthening procedure to remove excess gum tissue and rebuild your gum line. This is an effective, in-office treatment that can help improve the appearance of your smile and boost your self-confidence.

If your tooth is damaged or decayed below the gumline and you need a crown or another restoration piece, functional crown lengthening may be suggested. Dr. Malik will adjust your gum and bone levels to expose more of the tooth structure, allowing for a custom crown or bridge.



How Dental Crown Lengthening is Performed

Dr. Malik performs the dental crown lengthening procedure under local anesthesia. Everything is performed in-house and we will customize the treatment so you get the results you want. Dr. Malik has extensive experience performing this procedure and will reshape uneven gum tissue using special tools and techniques to ensure the most natural-looking results. It’s important to work with an experienced periodontist when treating a gummy smile since the doctor will evaluate the health of the gums and ensure you get lasting results with treatment. We will monitor your gums after treatment to ensure everything is healing properly and the gum line is shaping up correctly.

Benefits of Crown Lengthening

For many patients with a gummy smile, a crown lengthening procedure is the most effective way to improve the appearance of the smile. Some of the key benefits of this procedure include:

  • Improves self-confidence
  • Restores a natural-looking gum line
  • Creates an even smile
  • Allows for a crown, bridge or other restoration piece
  • Restores oral health

Enhance Your Appearance and Health

If you want to improve the appearance and health of your smile, and smile with confidence, schedule your personalized consultation today. Cosmetic and functional crown lengthening procedures are a proven method for reshaping the gum line and correcting your smile. Schedule your consultation with us today.
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