Pinhole Surgical Technique

Correct Receding Gums with Minimally-Invasive Grafting Alternative

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Rebalance the Gumline with PST

Many people develop receding gums after gum disease since the bacteria starts to break down the gum tissue. In other cases, the gums wear away because of aggressive brushing or any type of injury to the mouth. If you notice your teeth look longer than usual or have become very sensitive, you may need treatment for gum recession. Dr. Sawan Malik performs the minimally-invasive Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST™) and can help rebalance your gumline and oral health with a simple procedure.

Pinhole Surgical Technique PST in action

PST vs. Traditional Gum Reshaping Surgery

Many patients wonder how PST is different than traditional gum reshaping surgery. The biggest difference is that there is no surgical removal of the gum tissue or sutures necessary, as is necessary with grafting procedures. With PST, we use special tools to gently guide existing gum tissue over the receded areas to restore the gum line. You will be given specific post-operative instructions to follow so that your gums heal as quickly as possible.

Benefits of PST include:

  • Minimally-invasive treatment
  • Fast healing and recovery time
  • No stitches or sutures
  • In-office procedure
  • Minimal bleeding and discomfort
  • No anesthesia required, in most cases

Reasons to Treat Gum Recession

Many people seek treatment for gum recession because they are self-conscious about their smile. Others may notice they have very sensitive teeth and want to protect their oral health. We recommend restoring the gumline sooner than later since the gums can wear away over time, increasing the risk of decay and infection.

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